Industrial Minerals

Diatomite is classified as an industrial mineral.

Although industrial minerals are prevalent in nearly all aspects of our lives in every country in the world, very little is normally known about the important roles they play to keep our society running. They are nearly invisible components within products from the simplest table plate to the most complicated medication.

The properties of industrial minerals are what make them so valuable. They are either used as a source of important elements, such as the Silica (Si) extracted from industrial sand, or they are used for their physical properties, such as the ability of bentonite to absorb water.

Industrial minerals are used in abrasives, absorbents, agricultural additives, ceramics, chemicals, drilling mud, electronics, filtration media, flame retardants, glass, paint, paper, metal castings, pigments and synthetic fibers, to name just a few.

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Industrial minerals . . . Your world is made of them!

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